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Your Donations Will Help!

Donations of technology to the Touched by Technology program is vital to its mission to provide deserving children and adults with technology devices that can help them communicate, learn, connect and enjoy. Contact us today to donate.

Touched By Technology Begins


Touched by Technology (TBT) was created by Neo Martinson, a middle school student at the Herberger Young Scholars Academy in Glendale, Arizona, in 2013. Inspired by a school Community Action Service Project (CASP) assignment, Neo chose to pursue his passion of technology and its benefits (like education and entertainment) by creating an organization that accepts donations of technology (including iPads, iPhones, cell phones, tablets, gaming devices, laptops, computers, printers, headphones, iTunes gift cards and more). Once donations are received, the items are wiped clean and prepared for their next life. For those making the request, TBT will work with groups to identify and load appropriate apps.

Touched By Technology matches donations with organizations who serve children and adults who would benefit from having technology in their lives. Working with schools and hospitals to shelters and other non-profits, the goal of TBT is to provide the technological tools needed for education, connection and appropriate entertainment. Your help by donating your gently used technology will make a difference.

Touched By Technology is now a Kids In Action partner with Arizona’s Kids Who Care (, a service-learning in action organization.